"I have been seeing Hannah for some time and enjoying the Pilates exercises. I feel stronger, and more confident getting up from the floor to a standing position without feeling dizzy. I feel good being able to complete the exercises, although some are quite difficult! Having had MS for over 10 years, I'm trying to improve my walking and posture. Hannah can see the problems I have and I am grateful she can see the changes I need to make to improve my balance. It's all good." Margaret, Ampfield.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great care you are taking with our shared patient/client who is doing so well with your classes. He is really enjoying it and I have certainly seen improvements in his lower back stability since he has been attending class with you. I know he has spoken to you about his specific requirements so thank you for giving him exercises that protect his low back." Mark Kennedy, Chiropractor, Winchester Spine Centre.

"Just wanted to say the sessions are so good that my mind has no time to wander - sign of a good teacher. Thank you." Carole, Chandlers Ford

"Just wanted to let you know that having missed 5 classes of Pilates over the summer I had no idea how awful my body was feeling. After classes last week and tonight I now know why I do Pilates! My stiffness has gone and my body is moving correctly (or as close as I'm likely to get!). Thank you for your tuition, my body greatly appreciates it." Mandy

"After over 25 years of playing golf, for a lot of this year I was thinking that I would be better giving up as I was paying a hefty annual subscription just to play rubbish golf. I had lost my competitive instinct altogether. However, after more than a year of Pilates exercises my core muscles have improved to the extent that I can now hit through the ball much more strongly and I can feel that I am doing so. This has meant that I can hit the ball further and my stability is better. I am now competing again and whilst I will never get back to where I was, at the age of 83+ I don’t think I am doing too badly. So here’s to Pilates for putting a spark back into life again!" Sheila

"Thank you thank you thank you Hannah for all your kindness, tolerance of my ailments, patience and perseverance which keep me going" Jane, Wellow

"Just a quick email to say thanks for a great class last week. I always really enjoy the variety and challenge and feel much better for it. Really pleased to have found such a great teacher, Thanks" Sarah, Hursley

"Since doing Pilates, the frequent back pain that I had has now completely gone thanks to the core stability I've gained from the exercises.

I've been doing Pilates in Hannah's classes for about 2 years now. Hannah works really hard to ensure that the sessions are interesting and challenging so that you grow (and maintain) your core stability. If you have an injury, Hannah will hep you to adapt each exercise so that you're working within the limits of what your body will let you do.

Thoroughly recommend Hannah and her classes." Dan, Chandler's Ford (via www.facebook.com/pilateswithaplomb.com)

"Please pass my thanks on to Hannah who I thought was a great informative instructor" Student, Wellow Fitness Centre

"Fab class on Monday morning - really enjoyed it - don't know what we did but my Abs are still feeling it today! Can't wait till foam rollers next week!" Annie, Hursley.

"After our last home session I have never had such an amazing sense of posture. I walked to get the paper shop feeling straighter and taller than I have in my entire life, it was wonderful!" Alison, 1:1 student

"Thank you for putting us through our paces this year!" Bishops Waltham 6.15pm class in Christmas card

"Thanks for a great year of Pilates" Sarah, Hursley

"Thank you for all that you've done for me this year with working around my injury and building in exercises to help me recover. I really appreciate how you work so hard to keep the classes interesting." Dan, Chandler's Ford

"Thank you for a great year of Pilates and for being an ear when needed" Becky, Bishops Waltham

"I look forward to your classes each week, both mentally and physically and love all the info, tips and stories you give. Thank you" Sarah, Alresford

"Thanks for your support this year, and continued care for your Wellow clients" Wellow Fitness Centre

"Thank you, Hannah, for all your help and encouragement this year" Kate, Hursley

"Happy Christmas and many thanks for keeping my hip working" Jane, Bishops Waltham

"Since beginning pilates with Hannah earlier this year I have really noticed a difference in my core strength and flexibility. My lower back pain – the main reason for taking up a pilates class – has reduced considerably and I have much less difficulty moving around when I first get up whereas I used to suffer chronic pain in my sacrum area until I had been moving about for some time. My abdominal muscles are much stronger and I have a better idea now of how my body works and realize that I have been using the wrong muscles for many years. I am much more aware of which muscles to engage for certain tasks and have also noticed that my thighs and abdomen area have become more toned as well as stronger." Kate, Wellow

"I just wanted to tell you that the IT band stretches on the foam roller log thing were possibly the best thing you've ever taught us, well, me.

When we got home from class on Wednesday, I rolled out my quads, hamstrings, fronts of calves and IT band and my legs felt glorious. We have a much shorter foam roller that I sometimes use for other stuff. I did the same yesterday, and then today again after a 3 mile run. For the first time in a really long time, my right knee isn't bothering me, not even a little bit. It might not be the IT band stretches specifically because I haven't done just them alone, but them with the other stretches have completely changed my knee.

So, really, this is a thank you. I love all the other Pilates stuff we've been doing, with the possible exception of the 100s exercises which I hate - sorry! - but these stretches are just amazing!" Caroline, Droxford

"I have been having Pilates sessions with Hannah for a year now. Previously I had done a few classes with other teachers but Hannah is the first one who I really felt made a great effort to know exactly what I wanted from the classes; she pushes me as an individual whilst managing to do so for all the other members in the class.

With her calm and clear instructions I have now been able to transfer techniques from her classes into my other sporting activities such as swimming, tennis and HIIT training and feel that whenever I do Pilates videos that I’m more secure on the techniques I should be using as well as being able to use my core muscles more effectively.

Hannah’s classes are good value and always make me feel better, more relaxed, and taller and I have been injury free since I started them." Jocelyn, Bishops Waltham

"I would like to say how much I have enjoyed your instruction and the difference to my back ache after a class is incredible!" Susie, Droxford

"It occurred to me that I rarely give you feedback so I thought I would list some of the things I like about your classes:

Feeling as though you know us all with all our quirks and foibles and you responding accordingly

Feeling better for the exercises - both physical and mental well being

Having a class that is at exactly the right time - late enough to go home and change but early enough that I don't start doing anything else!

Having classes that are always fresh with new equipment or ideas (including the theory!)

The fexibility - being able to swap to other classes and other dates and, with enough notice, take a 'holiday'

Being able to easily contact you by email or text.

Best of all, the classes are enjoyable!" Anne, Hursley

"Dear Hannah, as you know I have just returned from a holiday in Peru, during which we visited (among many other places) Puno, on Lake Titicaca. Puno is at about 5000 metres, roughly equivalent to Everest base camp, and the partial pressure of oxygen there is about 60% of what it is at sea level.

I have never smoked but even so my lung capacity has never been good, and I was SO grateful that Pilates lessons had included breathing! It made a real difference to me at altitude, to have learned to breathe effectively, expanding my ribcage to the sides and using the lowest third of my lungs. So, thank you very much - you probably saved me!" Sue, IBM

"From the first session I became more aware of my posture and started to feel less tension in my back and shoulders. Although, you definitely know when you've worked your core, especially the day after! Hannah gives a sense of 1:1 tuition in a class of 10 or so by giving feedback individually as needed and I would recommend Pilates with Aplomb to anyone who was looking to improve their core stability and feel more confident in moving their body with control." Caroline, Chandler's Ford

"Pilates has always been my "thing" and I've been having 1-2-1 lessons for over 10 years. I've been working with Hannah for nearly a year now and she is really in tune with my body and what I want to achieve, which is fantastic. As a busy mum of 2 under 5's, my hour each week with Hannah is really precious, and always goes too fast!" Lucy, Winchester

"Over the last 5 years, I've been getting increasingly intense and frequent back pain from computer use. My job requires long days in front of the computer, and there's no avoiding that for the time being. Having been recommended Pilates by my chiropractor, I booked on to Hannah's Pilates class about 4 months ago.

From having daily aches and pains in my whole back, I now have only 1-2 days of pain (if that). That's all thanks to the Pilates classes that I've been doing with Hannah. I've now got to the stage where I've forgotten how much pain I was in.

Hannah's classes are different every week so that you get to try new challenges and exercises. If you have limited mobility in certain joints, Hannah will always offer alternative variations that means you still get plenty of benefit from the classes.

Pilates is not a quick fix, so you do need to persist for a couple of months to get results. Hannah's fun and interesting classes make Pilates an enjoyable experience, and you won't notice the time fly by!

I'm not going anywhere, and I'll be in one of Hannah's classes for the foreseeable future. Thanks Hannah" Dan, Chandler's Ford

"I didn't say, but meant to, that following on from last week I felt that things are continuing to improve - the bone by bone bit seemed to click - if you'll pardon the pun." Ed, Bishops Waltham

"At last, a teacher who is guaranteed to make Pilates fascinating and absorbing for a whole hour. Hannah's lessons are well planned, well organised and brilliantly communicated. She succeeds in providing individual support and encouragement in a class environment and we leave feeling taller, more flexible, relaxed and refreshed. Some feat, and delivered with such aplomb!" Cynthia and Chris, Bishops Waltham

"Just a few words to say how enjoyable and beneficial Hannah's classes are. Having had a bad back for many years Hannah's exercises and eye for detail have improved my posture and general fitness - as well as vastly improving my back pain." Keith, Chandlers Ford

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my 1 to 1 session, I really enjoyed it and can honestly say it was the first time I achieved a natural high through exercise and that was all down to you so thank you." Rachel, Bishops Waltham

"Challenging yet relaxing. Thank you" Jess, Bishops Waltham

"Thank you for such a thorough [induction] session today, we're really looking forward to attending next week!" Alison, Chandler's Ford

"I am really enjoying the classes. Although I have done pilates before it was with a large group in a gym and I have never had the exercises explained to me the way that you do. I went back to the gym class last week as well as doing yours and this time it made so much more sense and I realised that some of the exercises I had been using the wrong muscles. So thanks again." Julie, Chandler's Ford

"Going out on wet and cold miserable Wednesday's to Pilates is not an inviting prospect. Since you have taken over, I have been really impressed and feel that my core stability has improved since and make going out more bearable. You clearly prepare well, take a real interest in all of us and make us work hard and at pace which suits me fine." Andy, Bishops Waltham

"I would like to thank you for all the sessions since September which I have enjoyed. It was lovely that I could walk to the venue too. Two things I will take away with me are: someone is giving me the Pilates Bible for Xmas (In the meantime I have been using a library copy), and secondly your zip up reminder. It does make a difference and I am incorporating it into my morning practice." Gillian, Chandlers Ford

"Your enthusiasm and informal (but instructive!) approach to teaching really is the best I've come across for motivating me with exercise (and, as you know, I'm not easy to motivate for exercise!). Thank you." Katrina, Winchester

"Just to say that I love the classes. I've never persisted with exercise classes for long, but I love your classes and am really fed up when I can't make it. And, I have started running again too." Katherine, Chandlers Ford

"Thank you for running such an inspiring course of Pilates lessons this year. I feel so much better after each class, and combined with losing weight too I shall be looking forward to being my best for our son's wedding, in Hong Kong, this autumn. Hannah you are a natural teacher." Rosemary, Hursley

"For some years now I have had labyrinthitis, bouts increasing in length and intensity so whilst I had heard of the benefits of Pilates from friends, I was very concerned that it would exacerbate rather than improve what is a very annoying 'illness'. Admittedly the first session was a bit challenging, but after a couple of weeks I realised that the symptoms of labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear, causing e.g. vertigo; nausea; vomiting; loss of balance; mild headache; hearing loss; tinnitus) which I'd had for some months, had disappeared and to date haven't recurred. It may be coincidence (although I don't necessarily believe in coincidence) but the only thing which has changed in my life in recent months is that I have taken up Pilates with Hannah. I think that speaks for itself!" Sue, Hursley

"I have practiced Pilates for several years with a number of different Body Control Pilates teachers. Hannah's classes are both relaxing and educational. Hannah has an eagle eye for spotting when you are not doing the exercises correctly and corrects posture tactfully (where other teachers have not noticed that I have been "cheating") Having recently had a baby, my core muscles are feeling both toned and stronger since starting Hannah's classes." Catherine, Winchester

"Thanks for my first ever Pilates lesson. I really enjoyed it and was surprised to feel the sensation of muscles being used in my legs the next day. So it must have been working parts that had not been stretched properly before. The one to one session was invaluable to begin to understand the principles of Pilates and also to have the positions demonstrated as it is too easy to do these sorts of exercises incorrectly." Judith, Romsey

"Hannah has given me a great introduction to Pilates, and after 6 months I'm much more conscious of how I sit and stand and use my body, and I already have a stronger stomach. I'm planning to continue with Hannah as she's a very good teacher" Diana, Southampton

"Hannah is a really professional and lovely Pilates teacher. I became much more aware of my posture and how I was using my body and I started to feel much more balanced. I also felt great after the sessions - both relaxed yet energised at the same time" Cathy, Salisbury

"Just what I needed. I always enjoy the classes and feel better for them. Hannah's pace, explanations and observation of all her class members is very good." Janice, Bishops Waltham

"I have really enjoyed Hannah's classes and feel that I am getting the benefit of attending them on a regular basis. Different levels of the exercises are included to suit individual needs. Nothing is too much trouble for Hannah. She is always so welcoming and helpful .I look forward to the class each week." Anne, Chandler's Ford

"I particularly like the varied lesson plans as it makes the classes more interesting. I have attended other mat based Pilates classes and found the repetitive format dull. Hannah's classes are never dull!" Liz, Bishops Waltham

"A very enjoyable class where I feel like an individual, not just one of many, with exercises tailored to my abilities." Denise, Chandler's Ford

"Have really noticed a change in my body shape and general feeling of fitness since starting Pilates with Hannah." Penny, Hursley

"Loving the classes :) I appreciate the thought that you put into both making the classes fun and challenging, as well as adapting exercises where appropriate. Thank you" Catherine, Hursley

"These classes have exceeded my expectations. I feel more aware of my body and how to look after it than in all my previous 60 years. I come away feeling both relaxed and invigorated - an oxymoron?! Thank you Hannah." Eleanor, Bishops Waltham

"I'm really learning a lot about my body and how to keep it healthy, and now using Pilates techniques outside class. Hannah is very good at keeping an eye on all of us, and makes corrections sensitively." Diana, Hursley