Hannah Plom

Pilates Teacher Hannah Plom Hannah Plom did her inital teacher training at the prestigious Body Control Pilates Centre, London in 2010. She has completed training and workshops with well-known and highly respected teachers including Lynne Robinson, Miranda Bass, Nathan Gardner, Carmela Trappa and Lisa Bradshaw.

Having experienced lower back pain, Hannah appreciates the importance of spinal mobilisation – her decision to train as a Pilates teacher came from this understanding and her desire to share the benefits – and her love – of Pilates with others.

Hannah is currently working towards a Level 4 qualification – the Certificate in Instructing Applied Pilates Mat Work. This qualification is currently only available to Body Control Pilates Teachers and is the highest level of achievement within the health and fitness industry. It demonstrates the advanced knowledge and skills to teach Pilates across a very broad spectrum of clients, including special population groups and those involved in specific activities. The qualification is endorsed by Ofqual and Active IQ.

Hannah is an active member of the Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA), is a registered Back4Good Professional with Backcare (the National Back Pain Association), and has completed the following courses to date:

Body Control Pilates

Special populations

Small Equipment

Studio Equipment

Other courses/workshops attended

Hannah holds a REPS Certified Level 3 Pilates qualification, an enhanced CRB certificate, current First Aid at Work certificate from St John Ambulance, and is fully insured (including Public Liability Insurance) through the BCPA.

Elin Price

Pilates Teacher Elin Price Elin Price completed her initial teacher training at the prestigious Body Control Pilates Centre, London in 2013. She began her training with an initial qualification in massage therapy before moving on to develop her interest in Pilates where she continues to attend regular training and workshops with Body Control Pilates.

Working as a software engineer Elin found she was experiencing frequent tension headaches, ending up in regular trips to the chiropractor, after long working hours with poor static posture. After a few months of regular Pilates classes Elin found treatment was required less and less as she learnt to correct her own posture and her fascination with Pilates began.

In parallel to learning Pilates Elin furthered her training in massage techniques including Sports Massage to learn more about anatomy and releasing muscular tension. After 10 years of practicing Pilates Elin then decided to progress further to train as a Pilates teacher as she became more and more convinced that correctly aligned movement is fundamental to recovering from postural problems and relieving tension in the body. As well as improving physical posture Pilates has also been key in helping Elin with issues of body confidence and self-image which also reflects the mind body connection that practicing Pilates can help bring.

Elin’s focus and passion is on sharing with clients the benefits she has found in learning Pilates for both body and mind.

Elin currently teaches the Thursday evening classes in Hursley Parish Hall and provides cover for other Pilates With aPlomb classes.

Elin is an active member of the Body Control Pilates Association (BCPA) and has completed the following courses to date:

Body Control Pilates

Other courses/workshops attended

Elin is fully insured (including Public Liability Insurance) through the BCPA and holds a current Emergency First Aid at Work certificate with St John's Ambulance

Liz Wakelin - cover teacher

Pilates Teacher Liz Wakelin Liz qualified as a Level 3 Body Control Pilates Matwork teacher in 2014. She began attending Pilates classes on the advice of her Physiotherapist after a series of running and climbing injuries. It was immediately clear that Pilates supported the exercises the Physio had given to Liz, and that her body was growing stronger and more balanced. She had been working as a Senior School English Teacher but the stresses of the job were beginning to take their toll, so she resigned and re-trained as a Pilates teacher.

As well as teaching English, Liz had also been an Outdoor Education Instructor, and a keen sportsperson, so knows that Pilates can help with the demands that sport places on a body. Liz followed up her initial qualification with further studies in how Pilates can benefit runners, and other sportspeople. However, Liz firmly believes that Pilates can benefit everyone: men and women of all ages, shapes and conditions, through its emphasis on strengthening and aligning the body. Liz loves seeing its impact, on not only her own body, but on the mind as well, and it was this that led her to change both her career, and her life.